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Mag. Andrea Zinober, LL.M.

E: a.zinober@northcote.at, Tel: +43 1 715 11 15

Landstraßer Hauptstraße 1/10, 1030 Vienna, Austria, Europe

Legal Services

Your expert for

– Distribution law such as sales and service contracts, compensation claims (in case of the termination of contracts)

– Copyright and publishing law, e.g.: Author contracts & Illustrator contracts

– Corporate Law

– Alternative dispute resolution through mediation and collaborative law

25. September 2015

Trademark & Design law

Your products and brands are your business. You know how much work goes into their positioning and marketing. I’ll take care that your intellectual property is protected. At the national, European and international level do I register your trademarks and designs. In case of conflict, I will represent you. I am happy to work with […]

25. September 2015

International labour law

You recieve international guidelines from your headquarters and must implement these for your local business. You know what works and what does not but need legal certainty. Due to my international expertise and my language skills, I am able to support you adapting these guidelines to

25. September 2015

Competition Law

You are accustomed to daily competition – it is part of your business. But sometimes competitors‘ actions go too far – legally. I support you when your competitors are acting unfairly. And maybe due to mediation and the use of collaborative law, we do not end up in court. I support you and your company […]

25. September 2015

Distribution Law

In order to concentrate on your markets and business connections and networks you need solid and clear legal directions and agreements. Being a specialist in distribution

25. September 2015

Corporate Law

Acquiring and selling of big and small corporate entities are your daily business. I support

25. September 2015

Article „Social Media & Fotos“

„Social Media & Fotos“: Andrea Zinober in the Wirtschaftsblatt

25. September 2015

Industry Specialism

Andrea Zinober advises national and international companies in the following industries: automotive, suppliers, manufacturing & production, publishing and non-profit associations on their legal issues.

25. September 2015

Experience & Education

Since 2012: independent lawyer, Northcote.Recht 2003-2012: lawyer with Zeiner & Zeiner Lawyers

25. September 2015

Andrea Zinober advises…

…successfully for many years their clients, especially Austrian companies and organizations as well as subsidiaries of international groups in many areas of business life:

25. September 2015

What others have to say about Andrea Zinober…

„…a real corporate lawyer on top level.“ „…what ever we have recieved so far was spot on – we will never change the lawyer“

Legal services

Your Expert for

– Trademark and design law, e.g.: trademark registration, trademark infringement, violation of Design rights

– Litigation in e.g. business disputes, copyright disputes

– Contract law such as B2B, cooperation agreements, marketing, sponsorship contracts

– Labor law, both nationally and internationally